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"The Pretty Kitty"

Ingrown hairs are a common problem and can happen from waxing, friction from working out, or even shaving. This is where a Vajacial can help!


The Vajacial is designed specifically for the intimate area of a woman's body to help treat and prevent ingrown hairs, soothe irritation, add hydration, and it can also help lighten areas of discoloration.



This treatment includes a double cleanse with steam, a lightening and brightening enzyme, or a special mud mask that helps brings ingrown hair to the surface, neck and shoulder massage, removal of ingrown hair and other skin impurities, high frequency to kill bacteria, appropriate mask, hand and arm massage, ingrown hair serum and moisturizer.

Vajacial & Brazilian 


Combines a Vajacial and a Brazilian wax for a more complete experience. 

Includes everything listed above minus a lightening or brightening enzyme. If you are wanting to lighten discoloration, a Vajacial is best to receive a week after getting waxed, as freshly waxed skin cannot have lightening enzymes or acids applied directly after.

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