"The Perfect Peach"

Ingrown hairs are a common problem and can happen from waxing, friction from working out, or even shaving. This is where a Vajacial can help! 


The Vajacial is designed specifically for the intimate area of a woman's body to help treat and prevent ingrown hairs, soothe irritation, add hydration, and it can also help lighten any discoloration caused from scarring.

Includes a double cleansing, steam, a lightening and brightening enzyme, or a special mud mask that helps draw the ingrown hairs to the surface, extraction of the trapped hair, high frequency to kill bacteria, mask, toner and moisturizer. Also includes a massage of your neck and shoulders and hands and arms.


Best to receive this treatment 10-14 days after your Brazilian wax. 


Brazilian and Vajacial $89

Combine a Vajacial and your Brazilian wax at the same visit for a more complete experience.

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