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For all skin types. Vitamins A and B reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Brightens skin, reduces blemishes and hyperpigmentation. Increases skin moisture content and soothes skin irritation.

Retinaldehyde is a form of Vitamin A that binds proteins and it also allows the conversion of light into metabolic energy.  It is a more stabilized form of  Vitamin A in the skin, due to it's ability to convert Vitamin A into the cellular form of retinol. This form provides a more effective dermal response. Retinaldehyde is superior in repairing connective tissue from environmental damage.

Retinaldehyde Serum

  • Retinaldehyde Serum Benefits:

    • Normal to dry, aging skin
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Sun-damaged skin
    • Congested skin
    • Rough skin
    • Thin or sensitive skin
    • Those who have experienced moderate to severe side effects with products that contain pure Vitamin A
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